Developing an online store using Magento software is a great way. However, it is essential to optimize the online store with good SEO practices. The article explains how you can utilize SEO tips to optimize your online store for better visibility.

Magento is a great software that is used to provide the essential design elements and tools to an e-commerce  website. It is needless to say that using this software there are many things that give the essential punch to the online business. However, there is another aspect to it, this being the online presence of the e-commerce website. The ability to appear on top of the search results is what gives you the advantage of being ahead of your competitors. For this purpose it is essential that you apply proper SEO techniques that will help you to stay on top. Given here are 10 SEO tips for optimizing your Magento Store for enhancing online presence.
Secrets of Optimization Magento

1. Product Descriptions

Magento ecommerce development is a great way to populate your store with various products. However, the thing that you should pay attention to is that often a visitor is not interested in taking a look at the products. It is more about browsing through whatever strikes as essential. The trick here is to add relevant product name and product description that would be easily searchable by the visitor. Adding search keywords that will help it become search friendly.

2. Using CMS Pages

CMS pages are a great way to exhibit information, but if relevant information along with the keywords are not added to it then the whole purpose is defeated. Using the help of keywords in the pages with other interesting details that include pictures, videos, product tours and guides will make it attractive and help you shine in the search engine. The landing page are the most essential part of any website that are responsible for online traffic. Using CMS for making your webpage impressive will help in promoting your website.

 3. Quality Blog Content

The next best thing is to create a high quality blog. It helps in driving leads to your online Magento store. Using the relevant extensions will be helpful in generating traffic. The activity should be focused on online reputation creation for your products and services. It is important to note that only the topics of current interest or the trending topics should be chosen.

4. Product reviews

Managing reviews on your website gives the advantage to generate additional traffic to your online store.  Reviews helps in positively influencing the mindset of potential customers and speak a lot about the reputation of the company. Additionally, it helps in online conversions and traffic. For this reason it is essential to inspire customers to write a review after availing the services or purchase of a product.

5. Meta titles and Meta descriptions

The relevance of meta title and  description is such that it is the first thing that catches the eye of the visitor. The first words that appear along your website create a definite impression on the mind of the person searching for something specific. To be able to capture the attention and influence the mind of a potential visitor it is essential to have a descriptive and precise meta titles. Following the rule of thumb, the meta title should not be more than 50-60 characters, the meta description should be anywhere between 100-150 characters with relevant keywords inserted.

6. Removing Excesses Keywords

As much as the importance of having relevant keywords is explained earlier, it is to be noted that excessive keyword stuffing too is not a good sign. It is advisable to remove keyword field that would avoid any trouble with Google.

7. Canonical URLs

A well designed  Magento store should be implemented with canonical URLs. Magento is integrated with the canonical system; all you need to do is implement it within your online store. The following steps can be applied for the implementation of canonical URLs
System->Configuration->Search Engine Optimizations, select the YES option.

8. Page Titles

The moment you think of implementing SEO tactics, you need to focus on page titles with relevant description. Doing this would get you high click-through rate and your SEO visibility will increase.  Your page will appear in maximum search results. The page titles should be as relevant and descriptive as possible to attract more traffic.

9. Remove Store Codes

The one who has worked with Magento should know that the software automatically adds store codes to the URLs. These codes are identifiers that are used in location of various products within the database. However, these sure are an eye-sore that causes trouble in search engine visibility. For this reason it is essential to disable it by applying the following steps:
Got to Magento-> Configuration-> Web-> Search Engine Optimization, switch to NO for   Add Store Codes to URLs.

10. Avoid Delicacy

The default function of Magento is automatically creating duplicate content. The products that appear twice in a given category would have duplicate content. This often results in violation of Google guidelines against copied content; it drops search engine visibility.
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In conclusion utilizing all the relevant SEO techniques as mentioned in this article  you would be able to increase traffic and visibility online. It is all about utilizing the right technique that would not only establish your brand online, but help in attracting more visitors to it.