Today, everybody know that Magento is the No. 1 open source e-commerce platform in the World. The founder and the CEO of the Magento e-commerce is Roy Rubin. It is an Open source technology which fulfills the business goals of the online merchants. In the whole world, Magento is trusted by near about 240,000 businesses. Here we are going to discuss the reasons behind the success of Magento. In our research we have found that it has more features, is easier to customize, easy to scale and offers better support.

Secrets of Magento Open Source

History of Magento

We have already mentioned that Magento was co-founded by Roy Rubin. Earlier it was known as Varien. Earlier he ran a web development agency for 6 years. After some years they got more clients due to the presence of better customized features and good flexibility. In the year 2010 Varian converted to Magento. First service software offered by Magento was SaaS.

Benefits and Value of Magento

  1. One can establish professional and customized stores.
  2. Its creative and functional facilities add value to the store.
  3. As a cost effective solution diverse extensions are being used.
  4. Meets the specific requirements of the store owners.

Statistics For its Best Leadership in the E-commerce Space

  1. An analysis by Google trend from 2010 to 2013 speaks about the best leadership of Magento around the world.
  2. According to Internet retailer 2014 top 500 guide, it has been found that Magento is among the three leading providers to the leading 500 internet retailers in the US and Canada. The other two providers are Oracle and IBM.
  3. The BuilltWith provided the statistics that more than 7000 among the top 1 million e-commerce sites are on Magento.
  4. It has been found that the combustibility of Magento is its competitive advantage, i.e. it is unmatchable by any of its competitors.

Reason Behind the Better Leadership of Magento

  1. It has the option to set up multiple stores. All different stores can be managed from one admin panel. It would provide different IP addresses, domain names and securities certificates.
  2. It provides tools which are good for marketing. Those tools are like up-sells and cress-sells which provide users inducements to buy more number of products. This generates a good number of sale and revenue. It is search engine friendly, and very attractive.
  3. It has better customization offer which can be changed from season to season or business to business.
  4. It consists of Google Analysts. Apart from it, other tracking options are provided here which provide the owner it’s time to time performance.
  5. Its features are user friendly. It is provided with easy options for ordering which lead to better return on investments. It has various advanced features like product reviews, multiple product images, etc.
  6. Apart from the above qualities it also has a well-organized backend, a nice default template, a shopping cart that is easy to operate and an Add- on module.


From the given statistics we can find that, Magento is one of the leading open source e-commerce platforms in the world. Magento has deals with several stores at the same time. It has Google analysts also which track its performance. It is user friendly and easy to reach.